Scalar Energy Pendant Glass


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Health Benefits:

1,Enhancement or Normalization of human immunity function 2,Antineoplastic function 3,Anti-carcinogen function 4,Prevention and treatment of diseases 5,Significant anti-senility effect 6,Unimpeded blood pressure 7,Enhances circulation and increases energy 8,Harmless to skin just for help body! Fashion Generous: Alleviates physical stress, stiffness, cramps or discomfort Relieves fatigue and tiredness Promotes quality of sleep Health material allergy free It will help many users achieve near miracle effect in health Functions: 1.Enhancement of human immunity function 2.Normalization of human immunity function 3.Anti-carcinogen function 4.Antiplastic function 5.Prevention and treatment of diseases 6.Significant anti-senility effect 7.Unimpeded blood pressure Material: Glass,Stainless Steel Health Element: Negative ions, scalar energy Size: Diameter:4cm Package: Black Gift Box Energy Level: 6000cc-7000cc Colour: Light Green Craft: Bio Disc All the products are fit for all human beings. E.g Women,men,elder, children or young people.


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