Scalar Energy Nano Alkaline Water Stick (Plastic)


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Alkaline water stick Fuctions and Health Benefits:

1) 500CC water pH enhanced to 9.5 and ORP -200 in 10 minutes. 2) Can increase the water pH, balance the body fluids, to improve the acidic. 3) Increase the ionic state of water, neutralize the acid and then enhance human immunity. 4) can prompt the water is rich in trace elements; can maintain the water activity, so that the body metabolism is more efficient. 5) The small molecules of water (48.6Hz), more easily absorbed by the body. 6) The promotion of metabolism, for the cell to add moisture, can play the role of cosmetic beauty. 7) The promotion of a brain wave activity, improve attention and memory. 8) Alkaline water can increase the body’s immune system to restore to prevent various diseases, 9) Provides Antioxidant, Improves digestion, Helps to reverse the aging process at a biological level, Helps to Alkalize the body 10) Alkaline water stick can enhance water to help people to keep healthy. 11) It can even help you lose weight when you drink sufficient quantities! 12) The Ti stick changes any water into High pH Antioxidant Micro-Clustered water! 13) Slow down aging, increase energy, promote weight loss, support wellness, hydrate and detoxify deeply, boost mental clarity and, most important… scavenge up free radicals Introduction: Good for your health Reduced ion water rich in mineral Decomposing and removing chlorine odors Portable water ionizing stick/stainless steel water alkaline stick /portable water ionizing cartridge/Alkaline stick This product decrease the size of water molecule clusters and there by controls harmful active oxygen and improves nutrient absorption to enhance overall health. Stainless steel water alkaline stick, Calcium ions alkaline water stick This Alkaline/Hydrogen water stick changes bottled or tap water into ionized water on the go! Put it into water and shake it for 30 seconds, the PH will become 9-9.5 and ORP is -100 to -150.Don’t keep it in water for a long time, otherwise the action is too stronger and don’t taste good. Also known as the diet water stick or diet ion stick!

HOW TO USE: 1) Before using, put the stick in a clean bottle filled half-way with tap or bottle water(if bottled, preferably one with a 7 pH or higher). (If stick is covered with plastic wrapper, please remove) Shake vigorously for 30 seconds and dispose. This removes excess loose minerals. Repeat 2 more times. 2) Fill the bottle again with water shake vigorously for 30 seconds and wait 15-20 minutes before drinking. The longer the water sits with the ionic stick submerged, the stronger the ionization and the higher the pH (up to pH 9.5). Also a strong negative charge (ORP) is attained. If it tastes too strong, dilute it a bit with additional source water. 3) Use one stick for a 16 oz bottle (500ml). Use two sticks for a quart (1 liter) bottle, or more sticks for faster, stronger ionized drinking water. 4) Ti Stick only – pour half of green packet into bottle. Shake vigorously for 30 seconds and empty water and continue to step # 1 and 2 before use. 5) Best to drink freshly made ionized water and drink often! 6) Quickly absorbs and decomposes chlorine, heavy metals and other impurities!

Attention: Don’t put stick into water overnight Don’t put the stick into water for a long time


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