Oil Palm Seedlings


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Oil Palm Seedlings for sale at affordable price.


Oil Palm Seedlings

  • Oil palm requires an evenly distributed annual rainfall of 2000 mm without a defined dry season.
  • Best oil palm yields are obtained in places where a maximum average temperature of 29-33 degrees and a minimum average temperature of 22-24 degrees are available.
  • The crop requires 1800-2000 sunlight hours annually, more than 300 cal/cm2/per day, constant sunlight of at least 5 hours per day for better oil palm yield.
  • Moist, deep and well-drained medium-textured soils rich in humus content are considered ideal.
  • Gravelly and sandy soils, particularly the coastal sands are not ideal for oil palm cultivation. Heavy clay soils with poor drainage properties may pose problems of aeration during rainy seasons.

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