Nano Card (Energizer)


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What is the Bio-Energy card ?

This card uses Far Infrared Ray (FIR) technology embedded in polymers to create a negative ion shield of protection and health benefits.

What are the benefits of Ads4Bucks Bio-Energy Card ? • Enhanced Circulation • Reduce stress and fatigue • Increase energy • Combat bacteria effectively • Energize drinking water molecules • Activate water molecules within your body • Eliminate bad body odors • Maintain food freshness when stored within the refrigerator • Eliminate migraines, back pain and arthritis from your life • Maintain excellent growth for plants and flowers. Energy Level: 2500cc-3000cc.

How do I use my Bio-Energy Card? Adhering is not necessary. Just store it in your pocket, or, ladies, just slip in your bra.

How does the Bio Energy card work? The cards are patterned for the convenience of consumers with instantaneous effects. Its scientifically proven as an instant remedy. Quality wise its benefits mirror the energy pendant, bracelet and the magnetic chains found in the marketplace. Place the Bio-Energy card beneath any beverage. After 30 seconds, your tastebuds will reveal the difference the card makes.

Does Bio Energy Card diminish odor ? For sure! Minor odors like unpleasant food odor in the fridge, in the car or even body odors.

Is Bio Energy Card safe for children ? Absolutely, this card is safe for kids–even babies. What is the life expectancy of this card ? Minimum life expectancy of Bio Energy Card is 3 years. I will guarantee it for your lifetime.


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