Kedi V-ca: Proven Calcium Supplement With Vitamin C


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Effective for Facilitating Calcium Absorption, Making it More Bio-Available to Cells. It also functions effectively in Absorption of Iron, Stimulation of Immune System and as Antioxidant to Strengthen the Immune System.

It Neutralizes Potentially Harmful Reactions in the Watery parts of the Body such as Blood and Fluid both inside and Surrounding Cells. It is also useful as an Immune System Stimulator and Modulator in Some Circumstances. It promotes Resistance of Infection through the Immunological activity of Leukocytes, the Production of Interferon, and Maintaining Mucous Membranes. Increased intake helps maintain Plasma level under acute emotional or environmental stress such as Trauma, Fever, Infection, or Elevated Environmental Temperatures.

V-ca effervescent tablets is a nutritious way of adding to the body’s supply of Vitamin C and Calcium, It is prepared with freshly pressed oranges and bursting with orange flavor .

V-Ca drink is a perfect way to start your day. The Benefits are Good bones, Teeth, Blood Vessels, Gums, Cartilage, Skin, Joint Linings and Vertebra Disc.


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