Kedi Male Infertility Herbal Heath Solution


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These two herbal supplements are the perfect combination for the stronger, happier and more turgid man. Both are NAFDAC certified.Revive and Vigor Essential are supplements with very high properties in re-activating your youthful sex drive and strength.On capsule of each daily

KEY FEATURES VIGOR ESSENTIAL – PRIMARY BENEFITS Release stress and mental fatigue Improve male infertility Prolong the vitality of the spermatozoa and increase sperm count. Restrain inflammation of the prostrate. Boost sperm count

REVIVE – PRIMARY BENEFITS: Increases libido, Improves impotency, Releases the pain of waist, Boost sexual performance, Cure the ebb of sexual function. Cures premature ejaculation Gives strong and hard erection Gives high libido Prolongs sexual act Cures waist pain Promotes stamina


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