Kedi Diabetes Cure Pack


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Diawell is effective herbal medicine for diabetes type 2 by regeneration of pancrease cells for effective insulin stimulation. diawell capules is very effective for diabetes type 2, chronic atrophic gastritis, regulates blood sugar and reduces thirsty feeling. the main ingredients are ginseng radix rubric (hongshen), rehmannia glutinosa (dihuang), cortex phellodendri (huangbai), fructus lycii (gouqizi), ophiopogonis radix (maidong), fructus schizandrae (wuweizi) and coptis rhizome (huanglian).diabetes mellitus is a heterogeneous primary disorder affecting the processing of carbohydrates with multiple etiologic factors that generally involve absolute or relative insulin deficiency, insulin resistance or both. packing box; diawell =4=, golden six =2=, colon tea =1= and big reshi =1=


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