Kedi Calmazine-calcium, Magnesium And Zinc.Promotes


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Health Benefits:

Calmazine Promotes Bone Health and Nerve Functions. Nutritional Benefit includes: Improve strong bones and prevents osteoporosis Effective for pregnant women Prevents and manages type 2 diabetes Promotes normal growth and development in children Reduces blood pressure Regulates body weight and prevent obesity Prevent migraine Prevent cardiovascular disease.


Effective for Pregnant Women (Promotes Normal Growth and Development in their Children), Type 2 Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Blood Pressure, Migraine, Cardiovascular Disease.

Obesity – is an abnormal accumulation of body fat, usually 20% or more over an individual’s ideal body weight. Obesity is associated with increased risk of illness, disability, and death. The mechanism for excessive weight gain is clear—more calories are consumed than the body burns, and the excess calories are stored as fat (adipose) tissue. However, the exact cause is not as clear and likely arises from a complex combination of factors. Genetic factors significantly influence how the body regulates the appetite and the rate at which it turns food into energy (metabolic rate). Studies of adoptees confirm this relationship—the majority of adoptees followed a pattern of weight gain that more closely resembled that of their birth parents than their adoptive parents. A genetic predisposition to weight gain, however, does not automatically mean that a person will be obese. Eating habits and patterns of physical activity also play a significant role in the amount of weight a person gains. Recent studies have indicated that the amount of fat in a person’s diet may have a greater impact on weight than the number of calories it contains. Carbohydrates like cereals, breads, fruits, and vegetables and protein (fish, lean meat, turkey breast, skim milk) are converted to fuel almost as soon as they are consumed. Most fat calories are immediately stored in fat cells, which add to the body’s weight and girth as they expand and multiply. A sedentary lifestyle, particularly prevalent in affluent societies, such as in the United States, can contribute to weight gain. Psychological factors, such as depression and low self-esteem may, in some cases, also play a role in weight gain.

Hypertension – also referred to as high blood pressure, is a condition in which the arteries have persistently elevated blood pressure. Every time the human heart beats, it pumps blood to the whole body through the arteries and can lead to damaged organs, as well as several illnesses, such as Renal failure (kidney failure), Aneurysum, Heart failure, stroke or Heart attack.


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