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Category: Electronics


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  • 1. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular
    2. Gastrointestinal function
    3. Liver function
    4. Gallbladder function
    5. Pancreatic function
    6. Kidney function
    7. Lung function
    8. Brain nerve
    9. Bone disease
    10. Bone mineral density
    11. Rheumatoid bone disease
    12. Blood sugar
    13. Basic physical quality
    14. Human toxin
    15. Trace element
    16. Prostate(man)
    17. Male sexual function(man)
    18. Skin
    19. Endocrine system
    20. Immune system
    21. Vitamin
    22. Amino acid
    23. Bone growth index
    24. Eye
    25. Heavy metal
    26. Allergy
    27. Coenzyme
    28. Obesity
    29. Collagen
    30. Large intestine function
    31. Channels and collaterals
    32. Pulse of heart and brain
    33. Blood lipids
    34. Sperm and semen(man)
    35. Element of human
    36. Comprehensive report(man)
    37. Gynecology(woman)
    38. Breast(woman)
    39. Menstrual cycle(woman)
    40. Comprehensive report(woman)
    41. Thyroid
    42. Fatty acid
    43. Expert analysis
    44. Hand analysis.
    45. Adhd
    46. Basic physical quality.
    47. Nose
    48. Ear.
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    1,Enhancement or Normalization of human immunity function 2,Anti-neoplastic function 3,Anti-carcinogen function 4,Prevention and treatment of diseases 5,Significant anti-senility effect 6,Unimpeded blood pressure 7,Enhances circulation and increases energy 8,Harmless to skin just for help body!

    FASHION GENEROUS: Alleviates physical stress, stiffness, cramps or discomfort Relieves fatigue and tiredness Promotes quality of sleep Health material allergy free It will help many users achieve near miracle effect in health

    FUNCTIONS: 1.Enhancement of human immunity function 2.Normalization of human immunity function 3.Anti-carcinogen function 4.Anti-plastic function 5.Prevention and treatment of diseases 6.Significant anti-senility effect 7.Unimpeded blood pressure.

    PACKING CONTENTS: 1. Bio chi Energy Bracelet ( Black ). 2. Beautiful Packing Box .

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  • Features: the car mount perfect for your car windshield ipow 360 degree flexible goose-neck rotating clamp gives you virtually any viewing angle while driving your vehicle. Compatible with almost all the size of the mobile phone screen 3.2″-6″,open max=90mm,which secures your smartphones, including iphones, samsung, htc, blackberry, and other electronic, etc devices tightly prevent your device from falling or moving around. Long flexible arm allows for easy positioning,and bring the phone closet to the driver.You can keep your eyes up instead of looking down at your phone. 360 degree rotating clamp allows you to have your phone in profile or landscape mode. Latest unique design car holder with extremely strong suction and very steady support for both large screen smartphones

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  • Brand Name: CloudFone.
    Design: Bar
    Screen Resolution: 1920×1080
    Display Type: IPS
    Screen: ≥5.0″
    Camera: > 7MP
    Operation System: Android
    Feature: 3G, Auto Focus, Bluetooth, Build in Flash, Dual Sim Card, Email, FM Radio, GPS Navigation, MP3 Playback, Touch Screen, WiFi Color: Black, ROM: 16GB RAM: 2GB Screen Size: 5 Inch Battery: 3000mAh Back Camera: 8MP Front Camera: 2MP
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  • New tds ec meter temperature tester pen 3 in1 function conductivity water quality measurement tool tds&ec tester 0-9990ppm lock function:

    makes it easy to read and record, press hold button then remove from test solution. 4 display modes: press shift button: tds – ppm & °c, ec – μs/cm & °c, tds – ppm & °f, ec – μs/cm & °f. 5 minute auto shut off feature, so battery won’t run down. Measurement range: conductivity: 0 – 9990 μs/cm tds: 0 – 9990 ppm (parts per million) degrees celsius: 0.1 – 80.0°c fahrenheit: 32.0 – 176.0°f accuracy: ± 2% net weight: 55g

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  • Introduction:
    Simple operation, fast measurement of the electrical appliances, wires and industrial equipment around the intensity of electromagnetic radiation. Test band width can be divided into high-frequency, low-frequency two steps of measurement. Test accuracy, the lowest frequency of measurement of electromagnetic radiation up to 5Hz.Value for money, easy to carry. Designed to meet CE industrial standard. For the environmental electromagnetic radiation testing: bedroom, office, computer room, control room, cable, power lines, monitors, transmitters and other sources of measurement. Used in home electrical equipment, measurement of electromagnetic radiation: mobile phone, computers, televisions, copiers, fax machines, air conditioners and other power sources of test analysis Specifications: Quantity: 1pcs Display readings: Three semi-liquid crystal display Maximum reading low-frequency 1999V/M / High Frequency 1999μW/cm2. Level: low-frequency V/m, high-frequency: μW/cm2 Measurement time intervals: 0.4 seconds Operation voltage: 9V Power by : 6F22 9V battery (not included) Measure frequency range: 50HZ-2000MHZ Operation temperature: -15°C ~ +60°C Dimension: Approx. 132mm * 69mm * 29mm  Note: 1. When smaller instrument test data or report to the police, said the battery is low, please replace the battery in time. 2. The equipment to unload the battery when you don’t need to store Package Content: 1 x Digital Electromagnetic Electrical Radiation Detector 1 x Instructions
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  • Features: 100% brand new and high quality.

    This meter can test electric field radiation and magnetic field emission to reach the optimal test result. It is used to test and learn electromagnetic radiation situation indoor and outdoor.

    It is equipped with a built-in electromagnetic radiation sensor, which can display the radiation value on the LCD digital display after processing by control micro-chip. One instrument with two uses, it can test the electric field and the magnetic field radiation at the same time. Sound-light alarm, when the test result exceeds the safe value, the instrument will alarm automatically. Data locking, one-key lock of the radiation value. LCD display of the values for easier reading. Radiation assessment, remind you whether the radiation value is safe or not. Fashionable design, easy on-hand operation, it’s easy to carry and make field measurement.


    Material: Plastic Unit: V/m (Electric Field); μT(Magnetic Field) Accuracy: Electric: 1V/m; Magnetic: 0.01μT Range: Electric: 1-1999V/m; Magnetic: 0.01-19.99μT Alarm Threshold: Electric: 40V/m; Magnetic: 0.4μT Display: 3-1/2 LCD Display Test Bandwidth: 5Hz-3500MHz Sampling Time: Approx. 0.4 Seconds Test Mode: Bimodule Synchronous Test Over Range Indication: LCD Displays “”1″” Operating Temperature: 0°C-50°C Operating Humidity: Relative Humidity <80% Power Supply: 1 * 6F22 9V Battery (NOT included) Color: Black&Orange Size: approx. 125 x 62 x 30 mm Package includes: 1 x Electromagnetic Radiation Detector

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  • Item Description: 1.100% Brand new high quality generic micro USB Keyboard & Leather Case Pouch Cover for Tablet 2.Color: Pink 3.Multifunction Design: micro USB keyboard, tablet PC case and bracket. 4.Durable PU leather construction protects your tablet PC very well. 5.Real laptop style keys. With display stand for easy viewing. 6.Lightweight, compact, easy to carry and handle. 7.The protective case is made of high quality leather to well protect your tablet from dust, scratches and other damages. 8. This protective cover is multi-functional and lets you type just as you would with your laptop/netbook. 9.This case is equipped with a full working keyboard, a micro USB cable, and an extendable stand. Just plug the micro USB cable, attached to the keyboard, right into your tablet and you’re all set! For 10″ Keyboard Case: Frame Size: 33cm(Length ) X 20cm( Width ) X 3cm (Height)

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  • Features:
    Handy stitch is the portable hand-held sewing machine.
    It is great for quick repairs or jobs that conventional desktop machines can not handle, like sewing curtains while on the rod, or mending a torn pocket without having to remove your pants.
    Small size, easy to carry and place, very convenient.
    Fulfills your various sewing requirements in daily life.
    Mend a torn pocket without having to remove your pants.

    It can work on all fabrics.
    Fix hems or shorten slacks.
    Suitable for both indoors or outdoor using.

    Size:100 x 23 x 65mm
    Item Type: Sewing Machines
    Stitch Formation: Cover Stitch
    Feed Mechanism: Manual
    Mechanical Configuration: Flat-Bed
    Type: Mini Sewing Machine

    Package included:
    1 x Hand-held sewing machine

    Please allow 0-2mm error due to manual measurement, thanks for understanding.
    Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Please understand, thank you!

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  • Specifications:

    1.Measuring pH Range: 0.0 – 14.0 pH 2. Resolution: 0.1 pH 3. Accuracy: ±0.1 pH (20°C), ±0.2 pH 4. Operating Temperature: 0 – 50°C (32 – 122°F) 5. Calibration: manual,1 point 6. Size: 15 * 3 * 1.5 cm Features: 1.This Portable Pocket Pen Type Digital Meter is an ideal analyzer for the PH value of aquarium, fishing industry,swimming pool, school laboratory, food & beverage etc. 2. It is a brand new and excellent quality meter with 3. Protective plastic case and calibration screwdriver. It is very acurate and durable. Package Included: 1* Piece Digital pH meter ( not include battery) 1* PieceCalibration Adjustment screwdriver 2* Piece Pouches of calibration buffer solution 1* Piece User instruction

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  • This pen-type pH meter is professional and useful water quality tool for testing pH and temperature of the solution level. Suitable for aquarium pool, drinking water and environment water. Compact light and portable pen-type design. Features: Great to measure the pH level & temperature of solution/water. Imported control chip & full waterproof imported ATC sensor – more durable. ATC function(Automatic temperature compensation) and backlight LCD display. Zero power consumption when the pH meter shutdowns – more power-saving. Imported smart IC ensures high cost performance & high stability. Test temperature in ℃ / ℉(switchable unit). Apply in water sources, soil-free growing, aquarium, hydroponics, laboratory, spas, swimming pools and other water systems. Very wide variety of applications, used for testing the acidity and alkaline levels of almost any liquid. CE, FCC and RoHS certificated to offer safer and precise measurement. Specifications: Brand: KKmoon Mode: pH-007I Range: pH 0.00-14.00, Temperature 0℃-50℃ (32℉-122℉) Resolution: pH 0.01PH, Temperature 0.1℃ (0.2℉) Accuracy: ±0.02pH, Temperature ±1.0℃ Operating Temperature: 0℃ ~ 50℃ (32℉ ~ 122℉) Temperature Compensation: 0°C ~ 50℃ (32℉ ~ 122℉) Battery: 1×3V (CR2032) Button Cell Battery (NOT Included) Color: Red + Black Material: ABS Function: ATC, 5 Minutes Automatic Shutdown, Low Battery Warning, Battery Level Display, 3 Calibration Points Item Size: Approx. 15 * 3.1 * 1.8cm / 5.9 * 1.2 * 0.7in Note: Long press 2 seconds the button to switch power. pH-007I can automatically identify standard buffer solution of pH4.00、pH9.18 and pH6.86. Package List: 1 * pH Meter (Battery is not included) 1 * User Manual.

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    Pattern Type: Solid

    Style: Fashion

    Type: Protective Shell/Skin

    Feature: Drop resistance, Anti-Dust

    Material: Leather

    Package: Yes

    Length: 23 inch

    Application Tablet Size: 7 inch

    Model Compatibility: 7 Inches

    Compatible Brand: Other

    Color: Black

    Color style: fashion

    Weight: 305 G

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  • 1.Improves tastes of all liquids

    2.Increases drinking water energy level

    3.Increases body energy level

    4.Maximizes nutritional benefits

    5.Improve taste

    6.Extend shelf life of all vegetables, fruits and meat

    7.Improve wellness

    8.Enhances immune system

    9.Rejuvenates cells,

    10.Increases blood oxygen levels

    11.Calms and balances

    12.Assists in pain relief

    13.Enhances potency of food supplements – increasing the hydration levels of the drinking water taken with the supplements

    14.The healing power of Bio disc has proven to amazingly balance the ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ and cure various syndromes such as autism, diabetes, high blood pressure, high level of cholesterol, high level of uric acid, migraines, pains, swelling and inflammation, rheumatism, stiff neck, leg cramp, stomachache, headache, asthma, kidney problem,

    15.allergy, jet lag, fatigue, muscular pains, stresses, and more….

    Packing Content. 1) Bio Disc4. 2) Rubber Protector. 3) User manual. 4) Beautify Packing Box

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  • Alkaline water stick Fuctions and Health Benefits:

    1) 500CC water pH enhanced to 9.5 and ORP -200 in 10 minutes. 2) Can increase the water pH, balance the body fluids, to improve the acidic. 3) Increase the ionic state of water, neutralize the acid and then enhance human immunity. 4) can prompt the water is rich in trace elements; can maintain the water activity, so that the body metabolism is more efficient. 5) The small molecules of water (48.6Hz), more easily absorbed by the body. 6) The promotion of metabolism, for the cell to add moisture, can play the role of cosmetic beauty. 7) The promotion of a brain wave activity, improve attention and memory. 8) Alkaline water can increase the body’s immune system to restore to prevent various diseases, 9) Provides Antioxidant, Improves digestion, Helps to reverse the aging process at a biological level, Helps to Alkalize the body 10) Alkaline water stick can enhance water to help people to keep healthy. 11) It can even help you lose weight when you drink sufficient quantities! 12) The Ti stick changes any water into High pH Antioxidant Micro-Clustered water! 13) Slow down aging, increase energy, promote weight loss, support wellness, hydrate and detoxify deeply, boost mental clarity and, most important… scavenge up free radicals Introduction: Good for your health Reduced ion water rich in mineral Decomposing and removing chlorine odors Portable water ionizing stick/stainless steel water alkaline stick /portable water ionizing cartridge/Alkaline stick This product decrease the size of water molecule clusters and there by controls harmful active oxygen and improves nutrient absorption to enhance overall health. Stainless steel water alkaline stick, Calcium ions alkaline water stick This Alkaline/Hydrogen water stick changes bottled or tap water into ionized water on the go! Put it into water and shake it for 30 seconds, the PH will become 9-9.5 and ORP is -100 to -150.Don’t keep it in water for a long time, otherwise the action is too stronger and don’t taste good. Also known as the diet water stick or diet ion stick!

    HOW TO USE: 1) Before using, put the stick in a clean bottle filled half-way with tap or bottle water(if bottled, preferably one with a 7 pH or higher). (If stick is covered with plastic wrapper, please remove) Shake vigorously for 30 seconds and dispose. This removes excess loose minerals. Repeat 2 more times. 2) Fill the bottle again with water shake vigorously for 30 seconds and wait 15-20 minutes before drinking. The longer the water sits with the ionic stick submerged, the stronger the ionization and the higher the pH (up to pH 9.5). Also a strong negative charge (ORP) is attained. If it tastes too strong, dilute it a bit with additional source water. 3) Use one stick for a 16 oz bottle (500ml). Use two sticks for a quart (1 liter) bottle, or more sticks for faster, stronger ionized drinking water. 4) Ti Stick only – pour half of green packet into bottle. Shake vigorously for 30 seconds and empty water and continue to step # 1 and 2 before use. 5) Best to drink freshly made ionized water and drink often! 6) Quickly absorbs and decomposes chlorine, heavy metals and other impurities!

    Attention: Don’t put stick into water overnight Don’t put the stick into water for a long time

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  • Health Benefits:
    1. Reduces inflammation. 2. Promotes unclamping of cells. 3. Enhances immune and endocrine systems. 4. Helps to protect DNA from damage. 5. Improves stamina, endurance and strength. 6. Alleviates soreness, aches and pains, and improves flexibility. 7. Helps to retard the ageing process. 8. Helps to fight cancer cells. 9. Has the ability to destroy viruses and bacteria. 10. Enhances cellular nutrition and detoxification. 11. Enhances cellular permeability. 12. Increases energy. 13. Strengthens the body’s biofield preventing electro-magnetic waves from affecting one’s health. 14. Increases focus and concentration. 15. Improves blood Circulation. 16. Energizes block cells and reduces “stickiness”.
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  • 1. Very Easy to operate , quick testing, obvious results. simplest and cheapest way to test the water quality. buy your self & see the condition of your drinking water. 2.The electronic color tester is an effective sales tool that visually demonstrates the difference between high TDS water and low TDS water Testing methods (1) Prepare two transparent cups of water (100 to 150 ml ) one cup holds tap water, the other cup holds RO water. (2) Put metal pillar into two cups, turn ON and begin the test, After 30 to 60 seconds, turn it off and remove the water electrolyzer. (3) Caution: Avoid the electric shock while using the devise; Do not touch the rods once the precipitator is plugged into an electric outlet. Testing Analysis Results BLACK: Heavy Metals YELLOW: Dissolved acids, fluoride and other organic matter GREEN: Arsenic, mercury, lead, copper, sodium BLUE: Bacteria, viruses, carcinogens, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc. RED: Iron, rust and bacteria WHITE: lead, zinc, mercury, inorganic dirt Package Included: 1 Piece US Plug Water Electrolyzer

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